August 21, 2008


Back-to-back videos? Somebody is trying to win back your love. (wink - sup Mrs. B).

Really, I've just rediscovered one of life's greatest lessons... it is, what it feels like it is. It goes like this, for those interested. If it feels like you are always getting the short end of the stick, it's because you are always getting the short end of the stick. If it feels like you are an idiot, its probably because you are an idiot. And in my case, it felt like posting videos to the internets was the equivalent to receiving a kung-fu kick to my doo-dads... because it was a kung-fu kick to my doo-dads. I was making it way harder than it should have been. Man, I really feel like an idiot. Life is too simple sometimes. As it turns out, all video doesn't necessarily have to be 300MB. (Insert geek laughter here). So I sacrificed some video quality for smaller file size and easier upload time. Yeah for me, bad for you (kind of).

So to celebrate my rediscovery, here's another video for everybody. This is Max's first chocolate Frosty experience. Nicole and I still laugh pretty hard at it. Enjoy.

August 20, 2008


Here's the aforementioned "Nicole-A-Pillar" video. Here's the low down: We bought a tunnel for Max to crawl through for his first birthday, because, well, it's a freaking TUNNEL. How cool is that, right? Well, we found out exactly how cool it is once we got home and started playing with it. We knew Max would love it because he loved it at Ikea. We; however, didn't lower ourselves enough to try it out at Ikea, so when it came home, mayhem insued. Please keep in mind, that while the video is funny, it appears that Max obviously wants to crawl through the tunnel, only the problem is that it's all clogged up with a momma. Max, this is your mother. She means well. She loves you a lot.

August 12, 2008

A Max Video

No explaination for the lapse in time between posts other than life can really be busy sometimes. As a simple man that enjoys just sitting somewhere and just "being", I generally take issue with busy-ness. Oh well... after washing the smell of work off me, I realized it's been a while since I posted any videos. Below is a video I uploaded last night. It's a video of Max talking while eating a little and discovering some corn kernels in his bib. Also, I think if you watch the video, you will also understand why I think Max is about to choke everytime he eats. Just an FYI... this video took somewhere in excess of 4 hours to upload. I started uploading it, then just went to bed. And it's only about 2 minutes long. If you say that maybe I should have done a little more research before buying our video camera, you'd probably be right, but you'd probably also be a "know-it-all", and we don't really like those people. K? Hope you enjoy the video. Also, stay tuned as I try to upload another video titled "Nicole-A-Piller". It promises to entertain.