September 20, 2007


What a great son Nicole and I have. But before I get into that, let me be the first to apologize. Over the past few weeks, my work world has been mixing a little too much with my family world. I'm not exactly sure how the chemistry works, but I do know that it will always produce the most perfect crapstorm you've ever seen. I would definitely say I've been tested the past few weeks. Nicole also. Working late in to the night and stressing about work doesn't usually sit well with anybody, especially when you combine that with a bulldog for a son experiencing his 8th, 9th and 10th weeks in the world. But he has been handling it well. Nicole too. I am sorry people aren't up to date... hopefully this will resolve all of that.

Let me first start with Max's 2 month doctor visit. Here's the measurements from September 9th... 12 lb - 12 ounces, 24.5 inches long. Length puts him squarely in the 95th percentile for height. Weight was right in the 75th percentile (he's all muscle), and if there was a measurement for tenacity, well... he'd set the bar on that one.

The best tidbit from the doctor's visit, for me anyway, was that we discovered from the doctor, that my gene's are dominant. He looks a little more like I did when I was a baby, and he's got sensitive skin just like his daddy. So, naturally, after finding out that my gene's dominated Nicole's, I did what any humble husband would do... I rubbed it in. Only it back-fired a little. Here's the conversation as it played out in our car ride home:

  • Me: "So, interesting what the doctor said in there, huh?"
  • Nicole (unsuspecting of what is to come): "What part?"
  • Me (beaming with joy): "MY DENES ARE GOMINANT!!!"
  • Me (puzzled and a little stunned. sort of like a deer caught in headlights right after accidentally farting in front of a date): ......
  • Nicole (unbelieving of what just happened): "What?"
  • Me (now realizing what just happened, but trying to play it off): "Yeah!! Scoreboard!"
  • Nicole: "Wow."

It was a good time. Hopefully he didn't get the gene that caused that meltdown. But, as happy as I am that he's my son and I can see myself in him, I'm more happy to see Nicole in him too. It's not like he's completely me. I look at it more like he's me but with upgrades from Nicole's family. Like his thunder thighs are definitely from the Bishop side. The fact that he's practically all muscle is from Nicole's side. He's got her eyes. And, I think he's got some Navy Seal blood running in him. He tried to kill me last week. No lie. He bit me on the neck. Side note: he might need to be muzzled once those teeth come in. We'll play it by ear.

Other than that, his first day of daycare is rapidly approaching. October 1st was the scheduled dooms day, but they are filled to the brim with babies at the moment, so chances of him getting in are running low. But he will definitely find his way to daycare sometime in October. Nicole and I are really dreading it, but are also quite convinced it's for the best. It will be hard for us and probably him, but I really think it will do more good than anything.

Okay, so other Max breakthroughs since last time:

  • He has discovered his voice and has learned that it is actually him creating the noise. He coos a lot and smile screams and shrills like a baby whale. It's really funny. I'll try to catch it on video and upload it.
  • He has also discovered his hand for the first time. (just this week). He looked at it really puzzled-like, moved his fingers while his hand was in front of his face, then a few seconds later, when he took his eyes off of it, he lost it on the other side of Nicole. He was really searching for it, then saw it and brought it really close to his face again. Then, after a few intense seconds of making sure him and his hand were cool, he let it go back to where it was. Easily one of the best moments to date.

Oh, and one other thing I thought everybody would enjoy. And in list form, since I seem to be in the mood. Here's a few of the creative ways Max rids himself of gas:

  • Hiccup-burps
  • Cough-farts
  • Sneezing poops
  • Kicking-crying-farts
  • Kicking-crying-burps
  • Puzzled farts (when he puts his index finger on his chin, like he's thinking about something, then farts)
  • And Hiccup-farts. (Probably the best of all).

Okay, so I think this should get everybody up to speed. I'll upload some more photos so that everyone can bask in my son's magnificence.