November 15, 2007

Max Cat

So, yeah... I know what you are thinking... why isn't the post titled "Baby Candy Corn" or "Candied Baby"complete with pictures of a baby Max adorning a beautifully crafted Candy Corn outfit... yeah okay, so I messed up. Let me attempt to explain to you why baby Max wound up in a cheap/dodgy tiger outfit for Halloween instead of the overly-hyped, homemade candy corn costume.

The real reason Max wound up a tiger instead of a candy corn is because we all got sick. In my first experience of sickness hitting our family with a newborn, I now realize that when somebody gets sick, everybody gets sick. I'm not sure who gave it to whom, but what I do know is that having a sick baby while you yourself are sick sucks. Especially when the one who does most of the work around the house is sick too (Nicole). It was terrible. We were a pathetic bunch. Max had probably the worst cold I've ever seen and he didn't feel good at all. He cried and coughed and puked and gagged. Minus the puking, I was right there with him. He had a fever and congestion so bad that he didn't sleep well. So as a result, we didn't sleep well.

And to help out, Tylenol decided to pull all the infant decongestants off the shelf. We had some from before when we accidentally bought the wrong stuff, but that ran out with a quickness. So we were stripped down to the bare bones of illness. There was nothing left but for us to feel miserable together. And for the record, seeing a sick baby cry because he doesn't feel good and doesn't understand why he feels bad is easily the most terrible thing I've ever seen. And I've seen some pretty terrible stuff. I've seen my favorite dog ran over before my 8 year old eyes for crying out loud! But it doesn't compare to baby Max. Poor guy.

So, long story short, we didn't feel good. We didn't think Max would feel like dressing up in a crappy homemade costume, so we let it ride. Then, miraculously, Halloween arrives and Max feels better. Nicole and I are stunned... realize we have no costume for the little man, so we scramble after work on Halloween day to find a costume for him. Naturally, all the costume shops were sold out. So we try target only to find the aforementioned tiger outfit and tons of Christmas supplies. (In OCTOBER!!). I did toy with the idea of dressing him as a Christmas stocking, and while funny, would have been disappointing for all of us. So we went with the tiger outfit, and I must say, he pulled it off. What little time he tolerated it, he rocked it. By far the cutest baby tiger I've ever laid eyes on. Not to brag, or imply that this is anything to brag about per say, but he could really be in a zoo. And, probably not just any zoo, but the San Diego one.

Other news... Max continues to explode in size. He's now doubled his birth weight, something that is normally not done until 5 months (he's 4 months now and he's coming off an illness). He's also grabbing at things now. He's really good at grabbing Nicole's glasses and pulling them off and trying to stuff them in his mouth. Usually what happens is he gives her lenses a thorough cleaning. It works well for all parties involved. Oh, and finally... he's starting to arch his back off the ground. Allegedly the first step in rolling over. I think he might be a little behind the times on this, but in his defense... why would he need to rollover when we carry him everywhere? It's what happens to cute babies... people do stuff for them for way too long. If I were any uglier I would've had to start feeding myself by now. But, people just want to do it, so who am I to judge?

Here's some new pics for your enjoyment: