September 4, 2009

Deuce Deuce

"Oh, so now you decide to write a blog." Sure, I get it. I hear your murmuring. But it's not necessarily about you, mkay? This is written for one person and one person only... my baby girl. This will also double as my attempt at avoiding any sibling bickering in the teenage years, because you know what? I will freakin' turn this van around so FAST! That's it... somebody just lost ice cream privileges. Daddy's going to eat it now. I DON'T CARE, I'M EATING IT!

Nah, really I decided to squeeze in a little blog prior to my baby girl's arrival, just to let her know the price her momma has paid for her as well as the happenings during her gestational years. And first things first, baby E, I'm sorry I haven't been able to write more about your life as a fetus... it's really your brother's fault. That, and work. Oh, and your mother made me paint some things... then there was this baseball game on and I started reading a book about evolution and how crazy that is... your Aunt Jessi got pregnant and there was a shower that we wanted to go to... then your Uncle JJ left to go see Sydney (the city)... the Texas Rangers got in the pennant race...

This pregnancy, without a doubt, has been a little rougher on your momma. She's puked more in the beginning, felt much worse in the beginning, her body aches more now than at this time with your brother. She's had less crazy dreams, but that's probably because she's gotten much less sleep than with Max. But, the one positive for Nicole is that she has also craved more Jalapeno Poppers from Sonic than she did with Max this time around. So that is good. I know your momma is really excited to add to the female population in the family. But E, you're going to have to remember: Just because the boy to girl ratio in the family is a dead heat, tie goes to the daddy. Always. Accept it now and it won't bother you later.

Anyway, before we start, let me first describe to you how your mother got pregnant in the first place. Haha. No, I'm kidding. Let me first tell you just how pumped I am to have a baby girl. I couldn't be more happy, and surprisingly, I couldn't be more scared at the same time. What am I going to do with a girl? This was my first thought as the announcement was typed across the sonogram screen to us... "Oh it's a girl? Really? How's that going to work?". Since then, it really has sank in. I'm really excited. Still scared, mind you, but really excited. I hear you are going to prefer me, which will be a nice, but not surprising, because I'm awesome, so you should. But, when I think about having a daughter, I know that how I treat you, act in front of you and how I treat your mother when you're around will weigh heavy on things like self-esteem when you're older, and your preferred behavior in the man you marry someday (if you want that), and millions of other things, and it freakin' FREAKS ME OUT! Feels like I need to tighten up the reigns on myself a little. Need to give myself a make-over, which I have been doing. I've been minding my P's and Q's. I'm ready.... worried... but ready. And I'm really looking forward to it. Brace yourself E... this is your daddy.

So, Emerson, in honor of your rapidly approaching arrival, here's a list of "Get to know you's" that you should know about your daddy.

Things you should know about me and accept:

  1. The following things that make me mad (occurring individually or simultaneously): a.) Being real tired. b.) The Aggies losing. c.) Death d.) Self-inflicted injuries while doing something stupid while someone is watching(especially when the stupidity only becomes clear after said injury) e.) people being inconsiderate of other people or other people's property f.) people with unfounded senses of entitlement

  2. The following things make me happy (occurring individually or simultaneously): a.) free food b.) The Aggies winning c.) Texas Tech losing d.) Donuts e.) Extreme weather events (minus the death, obviously, see note 1c above) f.) Crazy animal videos e.) Babies laughing

  3. I prefer to watch sporting events live, but hate paying for parking.

  4. I've dunked a basketball, more than once, and it is cool the first couple of times, but loses its luster pretty quickly... nah, i'm kidding. It is pretty cool.

  5. Knows how all romantic comedies end.

  6. My biggest fear: Alzheimer's.

  7. My next biggest fear: Burning alive.

  8. #1 thing I want to do before I die: Be inside a shark tank with a big shark outside the tank.

  9. I will embarrass you and am kind of looking forward to it.

  10. I will try give you the best I have and and will love you forever.

C'mon home baby girl. I've got some Aggie football games I want you to watch.