August 29, 2007

7 week stretch

Wow has time flown since the last time I posted. Can't believe 20 days could go any faster. Nicole and I have been hanging on for dear life. Maybe not Nicole so much, but it really feels like I have. Wanting to spend time with Maddox is so hard when I also want to spend quality time with Nicole and when I need to spend some quality time with my job. Why can't there be 3 of me. Well... 4 if you count that one of me needs to do some yard work. Probably 5 if you add in that somebody needs to discipline our cat on the "new" house rules. 6 of me is out of the question... even though I could use the extra body to help cook and do the dishes. But lets be honest... 6 of me would be too much, especially when we all know it only takes 1 of me to get on Nicole's nerves... and only 1 of me to make Max cry. Such is my life though.

On the Max front, he is turning out to be the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. He is starting to gain control of his head, which, believe it or not, is one of the first steps toward world domination. Granted, his head isn't always steady, but he is moving it where he wants to. He follows me around the room, and the other day, decided he was tired of moving his head to follow me, and instead opted to just move his eyes. So smart! Now, if you balance that brilliance with me jumping around on either side of Nicole making weird shrill like noises to get Max's attention, you can easily see that he doesn't get this intelligence from his daddy alone. At least not with the display I was putting on. Sure, the shifty eye thing could also have been more about him being embarrassed than anything, but for now, I'm opting for smart.

He's also started to smile. And let me say, if there is something more moving than seeing your child smile for the first times in his life, I'd like to see it. I've never been more happy. It's so infectious and handsome. It's almost indescribable. It really lights up the whole room. He's going to be a lady killer.

This past week brought Max's "Granny, You" (aka Nicole's mom) out to see/visit her grandson. The "Granny, You" title was given to her as an idle threat by me... I think that she was getting out of line something awful, so I calmly introduced the idea of her grandmotherly name being just "you", if she didn't straighten up. Much to my surprise, it didn't really scare her off so much as spurred her to embrace it. All my power is lost. I really have my fingers crossed that stubbornness is not inherited. But no, having Nicole's mom out was great, especially because she brought gifts. I'm happy for Max. Nicole and I were both really excited for her to meet him. Equally as excited as when we got my parents and family to see him the first time. You want your parents and family to be impressed, but you also don't want them to fake it, you truly want them to be proud. It's funny. The excitement is more of a "Look at what we did"... almost like when you are a kid and you dress yourself for the first time. Looking back, sure, you might have just been wearing your underwear with a pair of mismatched shoes and knee high tube socks... but you know what, you did it yourself, and that is all that matters!

Max's next doctor appointment is right around the corner (September 4th). We couldn't wait... according to our measurements he's up to 24 inches long. Not sure about the weight yet, but he's definitely heavier. He has moved out of the 0-3 months clothes and is now somewhere between 3-6 months and 6-9 months. Mostly because of his length. He's still got some growing "out" to do. Also, in the tradition of all things parents, I have diagnosed his genius when it comes to eating and I think I caught him doing calculus between translating this blog to Latin and male modeling. He'll probably be the President...


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about my Grandson. As a mother of three good looking kids myself, I also managed a day care for 13 years and I've seen some babies in my life. I was skeptical. Of course his parents are going to think he's pretty. Those rose colored glasses don't come off for a couple of years. And of course his other grandparents HAVE to think well of him because he's a Texan and apparently being born in Texas is enough to make one a Texan. Go figure. But I recently studied this little guy and I'm here to tell you the truth.

First: he is blessed with the beautiful tight skin that just screams Ireland, England or Holland. Creamy and luminous. With just a hint of rose in the cheeks.
Second: His hair -- not so good. The color is lovely and the texture is silky. But the cow licks? He really does look like he was attacked by a Texas Longhorn. But it still is somewhat endearing --
Third: He's got Nicole's eyes. It felt very strange to stand nose to nose with him and see his mama looking back. I would have loved a little brown eyed grandson -- i don't care that the parents are blue -- but it's hard to find fault with dark blue peepers.
Fourth: He is long. For those of you who commented on his gi-mungo tootsies, well, he's grown into those. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will continue to be long and lean.
Fifth: His hands and feet are perfect. The back of his neck is the sweetest place on earth. And while burpy, erpy and gassy, still not offensive, and actually quite charming.
Sixth: He is smart as a whip, but I also have to add that he is fresh as paint. He is a shameless flirt and I'm not so silly as to think that I'm the only one he turns that charm. (I watched his Mom go silly and his Dad go goofy when he smiles at them.) But he does have a way of looking at you that makes you feel like your the only one in the world for him. Can we say politician?

So I vote that we keep Max. All in favor say "Aye."

Love ya'll,

Granny You.

debrabain said...

Aye! He is all you have said!!!! Let's do keep him!

Libby and Kenny said...

Your blog is hilarious, Max is going to love looking back at all of your commentary one day. So sweet. We can't wait to hang out with you all again soon. Let us know when you are free!

Libby and Kenny