October 3, 2007

Giggle It

Slowly but surely we are getting back into the grind. Nicole's first day of work was last Monday, and, as you can imagine, it wasn't greeted with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Even from me, and I hadn't spent every hour of every day with Max for the last 12 weeks. So, needless to say, last week was one we had been dreading for awhile. It makes it a little sweeter that his Nana (my mom) is babysitting him this week, and for a few more weeks. Mostly because our day-care parlor decided that a 10 month waiting list was as disposable as the diapers Max poops in. But it's okay. We are all still alive. After a week, Max is still alive. He's still happy, and I think the time with Nana is really helping him. She's been working with him and entertaining him during the day. Teaching him to play the drums and that sleeping in the big bed is much much better than his crib, all this against my knowledge, obviously. But it's good. Everybody should taste what it's like to be spoiled once in their life. Unfortunate for Max that his glory days occurred in week 13, but what can you do. Those were the cards he was dealt.

Something for the record books... Max recorded his first successful spit up attempt at his father. He's 1 for 1. It was a big day for him. Big day for me too. I now have first hand experience on the matter and can only compare being spit up on to being in a safe, but still destructive car wreck. The comparisons are many. First, while said tragedy is happening, time slows way down. Then, after it's over and you reflect on the happenings, you realize a few more things. 1. You realize just how fast it actually did happened. 2. You realize just how out of control one or both of you were. And 3. You realize the many paths that could have been taken to avoid said tragedy. In my case... the first path to avoidance would mean that tossing a baby in the air (gently or not) immediately after he eats is the equivalent to speeding in a snow storm. Seems painfully obvious, but yet, we've all been there. Funny how that works out. Plus, it doesn't help that babies play it so cool. One minute they are fine, the next minute you've been hit. Oh, and let's not forget the biggest comparison, after it all goes down, chances are pretty good that somebody has pee in their pants.

Okay, so let's talk about Halloween costumes a little. I think Nicole is asking for suggested costume ideas. At this point, she's getting desperate for suggestions because I seem to be drawn to the idea of dressing him up as a piece of candy corn. I don't know why, but I've had this idea for a long time. I think even before we had a name for him, I was on to the candy corn thing. Nicole and I have discussed it at great length and both agree that it has a lot of upside. The first being that we've never seen it before. The second being that Nicole and I both like candy corn as a candy, and we both like Max as a son. Seems too obvious right? Sure seems like all upside with no downside. Well, there are a few downsides. The first is that I've never seen a candy corn costume and, as a result, I will have to make the costume myself. And I'm not very good at costume making. We'll just say that my experience is limited. Which leads us to the bigger downside: If this somehow works out in my favor, no costume will ever be out of reach for us, or for Maddox, but really for us. I know this doesn't sound like a downside, and it isn't, for us anyway. For Max?, yeah probably. "Who wants to dress up like a corn-dog??"

Okay, so the biggest happening to me so far is that Max is starting to giggle. It's not a complete 100% giggle yet, probably more closer to 80%, but he's still giggling and it's probably in my top 5 things that I like about having a baby. I'm going to attempt to post video of little Maddox almost giggling so that you can enjoy also. If it doesn't work, I apologize. If it does, then somebody owes me a coke! (Crossing fingers)...


queenbquiltco said...


Just when I was loving Cody for posting new pix, he adds the video too! Someone owes you a coke, Cody.

As far as candy corn goes -- the configuration would be perfect for this stage in his life. Small at the top -- expanding to accomadate the diaper on the bottom. You know, Bigg Pappy Bishop was thinking of the same costume for the same reason!

You could do it a couple of different ways, one being a full scale construction. I heard Nana is pretty good with a sewing machine! Or you could just "represent" the candy corn and paint him in appropriate colors.

Other suggestions: Roger Staubach, Danny from Grease, the baby from 3 men and a baby, rosemary's baby, neo from the matrix, uncle rico from napoleon dynomite. Jessi was 2 weeks old for her 1st halloween and she dressed up with a groucho marx nose and glasses as well as a derby hat. everybody loves a baby in a hat. You could carry him around in a bucket that says CHUM on it. People love babies in wings. You could put a curly wig on him and get him a compound hunting bow and have him go as Cupid. You could put horns on him and have him go as a Texas Tech alumni. Now that would be scary. He's got overalls. He could go as Chucky.

By the way, that photo of you all in green? You are all gorgeous!


Granny You

debrabain said...

Cody I love your blogs - at the end of a long day - your blogs truly lift me up! When it comes to the costume I know exactly how to make one - so don't worry. And....quit worrying about what I'm teaching Max. He needs a few more tricks! Mom