January 4, 2008

4 years and a baby

For those that read Nicole's blog, you have already realized that last Thursday was our anniversary. Fortunately for me, I realized that well before Thursday. 4 years of marriage has now turned our 2-fer into a 3-fer, with baby Maddox joining the circle of trust this year. Well... almost joining the circle of trust. Baby chunk needs a little lesson in discretion. Telling his mom about the "Which toys melt faster" seminar I teach every Friday should always be on the down low, son. Always.

So, yeah. 4 years and a baby. I can't believe it has been 4 years and even more amazing, that I am a father. I have truly been blessed. A stunning, go-getter of a wife and a scrappy, handsome, go-gettem of a son. It's good times like these that make you worried for the bad times. Sometimes I worry too much about the balance of life, like are these good times going to be met with equally bad, bad times. Am I riding really high now because times are about to get really low? Am I about to find out that I was adopted? Am I the little boy version of Orphan Annie, minus the billionaire parent to look after me for all time? Or, is something more hard-hitting lurking on the horizon. Am I about to grow out of my love-affair with sports and into a love-affair with fashion? I have been dressing better lately! Regardless of what the future brings, right now life is beautiful. And no matter what the circumstances may be, I hope I can look back and remember how great I have it now. Because now is amazing. I love you Maddox. I love you babe.

So, now let me tell you about my son. He is changing so fast now that my head is spinning. He tries to talk a lot now. He joins the conversations Nicole, JJ and I are having, with very valid points, albeit, very liberal points, but valid nonetheless. He talks while the TV is on, while it's off. He talks in Church and out. He even talks to me, while Nicole is trying to nurse him and put him to bed. This is probably my favorite thing going now. So, he's nursing, Nicole and I are talking quietly, almost whispering. He hears my voice and then detaches, turns his head to look at me, and starts making noises like he's saying "What's up dad!" "Check this out". Then he turns back and nurses for a few seconds, detaches again, and turns to talk to me some more. It's so hilarious. Because when he's talking, he's just making noises. But he's making pretty much the same noise, but subtly moving his tongue, because that's what he's seen us do. Oh man it's great. I'll try to catch it on video for everyone... the talking, obviously... not the nursing.

Size wise, he's a tank. I've been doing curls with him. He likes it, and it is good exercise for me. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he drools a lot. Everything he gets his hands on goes straight to his mouth. Hands, toys, sugar packets, you name it. This weekend, weather was great. So, naturally, warmer weather means that he should have some quality time without socks, because honestly, it's been awhile. Only now, without socks, Maddox (just this weekend) found that his big toe is the perfect pacifier. In my mind, this makes him a few things. 1. Unbelievably flexible and 2. Unbelievably innovative. Apparently the logic goes: Real pacifiers are too hard to keep track of. So they get lost. So they are temporary. But a big toe? Now, big toes are forever baby.

And just so everybody knows, I've made a commitment to myself in New Year's resolution form to update more often. Now that work has slowed and that the holidays are over, I really hope to get back into the swing of things. Although, my lackadaisical attitude about blogging has probably lost all the readers of this blog now, so, hmm... maybe I won't. Maybe this blog will become my own personal conversation with myself. That could be fun. But it would get old waiting for updates, so, maybe not.


NicoleBain77 said...

love the blog...you are so funny! We really need to get some video of the games you make up with Max.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cody, Well, it's about time you updated. I wait with baited breath, as it were, for updates. Check at least once a week.

As always your writing pleases. So pleased that life is wonderful for you all. Keep that good thought.

Love ya,
'Aunt' Sue
from Kalamazoo