January 26, 2008

Baby Pork Chop

So as I sit and type before you tonight, I wonder why I haven't updated you more in the last 2 weeks. What a crazy 2 weeks it has been. Here is what I know that you may or may not, depending on who your family insider is. If your insider can be traced back to me, then you are in desperate need of this update. If your insider falls on Nicole's side of the parenting tree, then this is all an old news, and I'd appreciate your bearing with me while I stumble through the list of achievements that my sweet Baby Pork chop has accomplished in the past few weeks.

1. It's a tooth! One has poked through all shiny, white and sharp. And while the tooth is relatively new, him using it on my fingers is getting relatively old. It's still funny to watch him bite down on fingers to test it out. And, yes, it is sharp. Who knew baby teeth were so sharp? He's practically a great white, except his eyes don't roll back in his head when he bites you, and I guess he can't really swim yet, but, he can definitely smell blood, and he will attack. Just fyi for your own protection.

2. He can roll over! And honestly, he's been doing it a while now. What the hell Max? Mom and dad are ALWAYS the ones that get to see new tricks! Otherwise we have to make stuff up just to feel like real parents. But yeah, so he can roll over. We heard he could about 2 or 3 months ago from daycare, but we were sceptical, thinking they just said that so they could let him sleep on his stomach. Then my mom and dad saw it. Then, mom forced Max to show us. He cried and whimpered while she was trying to get him to show us. He yelled and hollered, then, like an old pro, he swung his head around and flipped on his back with a big grin! Then 1 minute later he's back on his stomach for round 2, and he swings his head the other way! So, apparently after he rolled over the first time, he was pretty sure that his secret trick was out. So he threw us a bone by going the other way. He's sooooo in trouble (in 15 years).

3. His 6 month check-up shows these stats: 90% in height. 60% in weight. 0.1% in wimpiness.

4. Now that he's over 6 months old, we can start feeding him some real food. We started with peas, which he didn't mind... spreading all over his body. (see pic below). But really, he didn't mind them, at least until we fed him bananas 1 week later. Now he definitely likes bananas and definitely doesn't like peas. Can't say I blame him really. Most people have the same preference. And yes, I do realize that once candy hits his lips, all food prior will take the proverbial "back seat". Well aware. One downside to real food that lots of parents have warned me about are the "new" dirty diapers. Apparently, for a lot of parents, once real food enters the scene, the current state of poop smell exits, and it gets replaced by some horrid resemblance. Now, I haven't quite experienced this replacement first hand, yet, but I have warned Nicole that should things get worse, all bets will then be off.

So, yeah, what a crazy 2 weeks it's been. I'm starting to realize what other parents say about time flying by. Just 3 weeks ago Max couldn't roll-over (to my knowledge), still had his all gummy smile and was on an all liquid diet. No he's practically bringing girls home for us to meet! Almost wish I had a rewind button already.

In case you were wondering about the "baby pork chop" thing, that's what we've been calling him lately. Really we've just been calling him "pork chop". We've got a few nicknames for him, but that is the one we've been using lately, because everybody comments on how big he is. We do switch it up from time to time. Here's some that we've either discussed or thought about using. Let me know what you think. Or if you'd like to add to the list for consideration, please feel free.

  • Bitey
  • Chewie
  • Smiley
  • Slimer
  • Diaper Dan
  • Dr. Doeslittle
  • Insomnimax
  • Pepe La Pees-a-lot


debrabain said...

Cody - your blogs are worth the wait. That Pork Chop is the cutiest and happiest baby ever - not counting Molly & Jack of course. He needs to be around Miss Molly so she can show him how to really bite!

queenbquiltco said...

Cody -- I appreciate the fact that you are all about numbers and algebra and geometry but I really think you missed your calling.

Pork Chop? Not bad, but since you asked for suggestions:

What about naming him after his Great Uncle Dob? We used to call him Sir Eats Alot.

What about Hamlet?
Bacon Britches, Bubba, Bruiser, Tex, Butterball.

Or the famous New Jersey breakfast meat -- Pork Roll.

Or JJ doesn't use Sweet Pea any more. Sugar Baby? Precious? Buttercup or better yet, Cup o' Butter? I know too sweet. I do think something involving pork products.

NicoleBain77 said...

Sadly...Bubba is already a crowd favorite. I might have to be careful...its starting to sound like i grew up out in the sticks of south florida.