April 15, 2008

Crawling Maddox

Okay... sorry again for the delay. I've actually been working hard to bring everybody this video of Maddox crawling. Not exactly the first time he crawled, but really close. At the very least, this is his 4th or 5th time... so still pretty new at the game. And of all things... he was heading after his maracca, currently his favorite toy. Hope you guys enjoy.

Quick tip... after you watch pork chop crawl, there are videos that are shown at the bottom of the screen... these aren't the same Maddox. Just fyi. They are actually other "you tube" videos of other babies crawling that also have the name Maddox. So in other words, all your attention should be spent on our Maddox, not others.


queenbquiltco said...

Pork Chop's getting around better than I am!

Granpappy B.

queenbquiltco said...

After watching the video several times, it is my opinion that Max isn't really crawling. HE IS SEMI-WALKING. He really wants to get up on that right foot, but he just hasn't figured out the balance thing.

Watch him around coffee tables, hassocks, ottomans. He's going to figure out how to pull himself up on to his feet and then he's off to the races.

A fine physical speciman Sir Max is. Must be his superior gene pool. Soon, all the other babies will recognize this and he will be either revered or scorned. Either way, it sucks to be another baby when Max is around.

debrabain said...

Good job Cody of getting a video - show us more!!!!! Max is really fast - isn't he! Love, Nana

Nicole B said...

Good job on the video..thank goodness i married somebody smarter than i am!