June 3, 2008

Being Pork Chop

The picture above is the face of our baby Maddox demonstrating that he is indeed a "Pork Chop". I know everyone was wondering about the nickname, but, I think the picture captures it all. This face is really why we started calling him "Pork Chop". It may not make sense at first, but just stare long enough, and it will come. Maddox has had quite a few nicknames to date, but this one seems like it will stick for awhile. At least until he does something strange to garner a new one.

To bring everybody up to speed, Maddox has been saying "Da-da" quite a lot lately. Well, this past week he added "ma-ma" to his list of words, as well as "ba-ba" and "nan-na". So, if we are keeping score, here is his current vocabulary:
  • Da-da
  • Ma-ma
  • Ba-ba
  • Nan-na
  • uh, uh, uhhhhhhh!
  • Bear sound (ahhh)
  • A squeel sound
  • All of the above 5 times louder than normal
  • rasberry (not the actual word, but the noise your tongue makes when it just out of your mouth and sprays spit at everybody).

He's practically a literary genius. I'm not really bragging, but it's true. We all know it.

So, other than the words, he's moving around quite a bit better. He crawled all the way from his bedroom to the sun room where all his toys are. He's standing up on everything now as well. He used to just stand up on me when he played, but now, if it is stable enough to allow him to make it all the way up, he'll stand up on it. If it isn't stable enough, he'll fall over trying, then get pissed when he's stuck on one of his toys and can't get back upright. Sure, he cries, but I don't think the cries are cries of frustration so much as cries of disappointment that his toy has let him down. He has high expectations for all of us, really. His expectations of me are really going to take a ding when he figures out that his da-da: (a.) loves A&M so much that he was actually watching women's softball this past weekend to cheer on A&M (b.) admits to going to the movie theatre to watch a/few Star Trek movies while in junior high school and (c.) met his mother on the internetz. Oh, and (d.) has knowingly worn a black and a brown sock simultaneously because he was tired of looking for a "match", which is really subjective. I found a match that worked for me, okay?

Okay, on to the likes and dislikes for this installment:


  1. Cars. He is really into cars right now. Pushes them all around the house.
  2. Choking hazards, in his mouth or hand, but preferably in his mouth.
  3. Dancing. He dances to all music, even the "in your head, to your own beat" kind. Oh, and he does have rhythm, at least to the music we can hear.
  4. Holding da-da or ma-ma's hand while they are driving.
  5. Fruit roll-ups.


  1. Head hitting the side of the bathtub, more than once.
  2. Being tired.
  3. Da-da walking a way when we drops him off at daycare. This is seriously the worst part of being a parent. Today he made me hold him while I filled out the appropriate paperwork. I was able sneak out after distracting him by a pointy, spikey rubber ball. But usually, he's on me like a spider monkey.
  4. Carrots.
  5. Not being allowed to roll-over on the changing pad.

Here's the updated photos for everybody. Hope you enjoy. Love you guys.


debrabain@sbcglobal.net said...

I love your blogs - these are great pic's of Pork Chop.

queenbquiltco said...

do you know that a boy's dancing changes little from the time he's 8 months old to the time he's 18? see how he dances now? his girlfriend will complain of this at senior prom.

love the photos. lower half of max's face looks like yours. upper half looks like nicole's. very pretty either way.

love all of you.

bettysue said...

I'm not sure I see Nicole in Max's face, but I definately see Michelle!!