January 27, 2009

Benefiber Jokes

Oh the greatness that is having a son! Here's a little insight into how great my life is. A few nights ago, Max was having a snack before bed time. So Nicole, me and Maddox are in the living room watching some TV while Maddox is snacking. One of the commercials that comes on is a commercial for Benefiber. If you haven't seen it and feel like you need to, here's a link: Benefiber Commercial. For those not wanting to waste the time, here's a quick run down. There is a girl in a tennis outfit promoting Benefiber while she moves her body around. It's nothing awkward, just kind of funny considering what they are selling... which is fiber so you can go to the bathroom regularly. So here's the conversation as it took place:

Me: "Nicole, you know why that girl is moving around so much?"
Nicole: "Why?"
Me: "Because she has to POOP!"
Nicole: (silence, hoping the moment will pass.)
Maddox: "HA!"

Oh having a son is greatness already! Sorry babe. You'll warm up to the poop jokes in due time. Just don't force it. (insert hemorrhoid joke here).


Nicole B said...

yeah...your little joke is the reason I had this conversation with him the other day:

Me: Maddox...can you say "i love you?"

Maddox: Poop.

Thanks babe!

1literatimommy said...

I know I am stuck in a junior high sense of humor. Every joke Molly and Jack tell and every joke I laugh at is a poop/tee-tee/or underwear joke. Only I actually am laughing. for real. Great post!!!! MAx is already laughing at perfect punch lines.

debrabain@sbcglobal.net said...

I think it's the way Max holds his mouth when he says poop and toot that makes it twice as funny!!! and then the little twinkle in his eyes IS priceless!!!

Sidney said...

haha! That was pretty funny!