February 12, 2007

I heard that

Here's a random pic of Nicole and me on the beach in San Francisco, CA... more to prove a point to Goose that its parents did travel before it arrived. This picture could also double as our uni-bomber impressions. Very cold in San Francisco when we went.

On to the blog... good news this week... Nicole's blood tests from her last doctor appointment came back and everything checked out normal. We were a little stressed out about this one because of a simple mistake with some of the pre-natal vitamins she was taking. Her doctor prescribed a certain amount of folic acid that she should be taking to prevent neural tube defects and various other birth defects... so we buy the vitamins and carefully check that there is enough folic acid in the vitamin, only to find out that she was supposed to be taking 2 vitamins at a time instead of the 1 vitamin that every other vitamin company suggests. So long story short, she was getting half the required amount from the vitamin, but the tests tend to indicate nothing abnormal has happened from it. Deep down we felt it wouldn't be a problem, but there is always that small amount of nagging negativity in all of us that keeps us from being completely stress free. Such is life right? It's like being only 99.9% sure that you locked the doors when you left the house and having the 0.1% uncertainty completely wreck your day. 0.1% has you worried some low life has broken into your house, ran up your phone bill, stank up your couch, taught your kid how to smoke and cuss while lighting fireworks, etc... so naturally you turn the car around, add another 10 minutes to your day just to determine that you were stressed out over nothing... such is life. We are fortunate nothing appears to have happened, but it certainly didn't keep us from worrying about it.

This week in Goose's life finds him/her fashioning a pair of ears for itself. According to the doctor and the library of books we have, Goose now has ears and can now hear us. So in addition to Nicole forcing some classical music on our baby on her way to work, she has also been forcing conversation on it. Given that this child is half mine, this cannot be a bad thing. It's no secret I tend to err on the "keep it to yourself" side. So Nicole has been talking to Goose, but she doesn't feel like its a real conversation because Goose doesn't talk back. I say, when has Nicole ever needed somebody to talk back to make it a conversation, right? I kid. Sometimes we marry someone with traits that we wish we had in ourselves... in this case it's true babe... I wished I was a talker. For you... I'm sure you wished you were a bad a**. I would call it a perfect balance.

So since our baby has ears, if any of you out there would like to pass along a few messages, type them in the comments and we will alter them how we see fit and relay them to Goose. Only 1 word of caution... no profanity (that means you Mrs. Bishop.)


bettysue said...

Awesome, ears!,and have I got a lot of things to tell Goose!

1literatimommy said...

Great Post! I am glad he has no symptoms of spina biffida, and his ears are progressing nicely. I think your next worry should be that in later years, goose will choose not to use the ears!

Goose's Baby Mama said...

So i really hope that the baby's ears arent able to decipher what i am saying yet...wouldn't it be bad if my baby's first word was the f-word?

Anonymous said...

Your's was!

queenbquiltco said...

Who said that?

Wow! Ears. You're lucky that the Drake's have beautiful ears that you could possibly pass on. The DNA on this side isn't all junk.

Tell the Goose:

(Written in phoenetics)

oo is oo granny mamasita popita lolita's itty bitty baby angel. yes oo is.

Debra said...

Enjoy the ears now, do all the talking you can - becauses when Baby Goose wises up - he will choose not to use them!!!!