February 25, 2007

It's a Man Baby!!

Yeah, okay... so apparently when I say "no later than Friday" I really mean "no earlier than Sunday night". Sorry for the delay. But as you can probably surmize from the title, IT'S A BOY!! So to celebrate, Nicole and I (mostly Nicole though), have been on a shopping spree to find some of the necessities that this little boy is going to need. And I have been on a learning kick to figure out the baby lingo as it pertains to clothes. For instance: "onesies" are the equivalent to uni-tards for adults. "Rompers" are essentially "onesies" with little shorts on the end. And "sleepers" are essentially "onesies" with pants. Basically, I learned the lingo in like a day... so I can only conclude that parenting will be a walk in the park. Again, I could be wrong... but I doubt it.

So it's a boy (or as I prefer: a little man baby)! I'm so excited. A girl would have been cool too, but as I see it there are a lot of pros to it being a boy. For example:

The Pros:
  1. Teaching him to pee outside.
  2. Somebody else has to pay to marry him.
  3. Nicole is now outnumbered when it comes to watching sports.
  4. I will only have to mow the yard for another 2 or 3 years.
  5. Did I mention an increase in sports watching and a decrease in sappy movie watching?

The Cons:

  1. I guess this means I am the one that has to explain about how birds germinate bees and make baby tulips... and honey. I'm going to start making my power point presentation tomorrow.
  2. For Nicole - Boy clothes are less cute than girl clothes.
  3. The teenage years and how nobody is going to "understand" what he is really going through.

So 5-3 in favor of the boy. We'll keep him.

I was going to attach a few of the pictures from the sonogram, because the lady took like 10 to 15 pictures, but since the pictures aren't incredibly straight forward, and since Nicole was unable to get them on a disk for you guys, we'll have to include those pictures another time. (That's right... your not getting to see pictures because Nicole let you down. Take it up with her.) So I've included the latest picture of Nicole because her belly has really exploded in the past few weeks. She looks just like she did the day we married, but with a pregnant belly. It's cool for me to see how quickly things change.

Noteables from the doctor's visit. The baby is very healthy without any signs of complications. Due to the thigh bone, the nurse commented about how long baby goose is and how he is going to be a long one (no suprise there though). Goose is 20 weeks old but has developed to almost 21 weeks. The doctor didn't say it, but if you do the math, he should arrive with a mustache. And finally, she said it was definitely a boy... no doubt about it. So, take from that what you will. I will try to get some sonogram pictures up within the next week, but I've learned my lesson, I will promise you nothing.


A girl with a lot on her mind... said...
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Jessica said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes!!!!!!!!! The thrill of having a nephew! I cant wait to teach him all sorts of badness! Top 5 list of things I am going to teach my nephew:

1. How to smoke pot (of course).
2. How to sell pot (of course).
3. How to make a home made tattoo (since his parents are elitist jerks and didnt want him to go the daycare center next to the tattoo parlor).
4. The subleties of a good beer.
5. How to put the beat down on other siblings (der!)

queenbquiltco said...

Now we can get serious with the man-baby naming. I know that you think that you know ... but let's keep an open mind. Suggestions: Moe Howard Bain, Curly Howard Bain, Larry Fine Bain.

Debra said...

Way to go Cody! If this would have been a few years ago - it might not even make the 9 month time limit! I'm proud of you. Boys are so sweet - but not nearly as tough as girls - so get all the rest you can - because boys need to think about evey move!! I can hardly wait to see you try to pump information from him.

1literatimommy said...

Congrats on finding out you are having a son! What a wonderful gift. Molly Ann is still praying for Goose, Cole and Cody every night. I am so excited to see that sweet baby.

Lisa said...

Lil Cod man! I found your blog on mike's. Congrats on having a son! You are going to be such a good and fun dad!