April 2, 2007

Rock it out

So first things first, let me apologize to everyone for the lag that has occured between the last few posts. I have had like 4 projects go out in the last 2 weeks. Add that to my ongoing daily efforts dedicated to keep Nicole happy, and reminding her that she isn't so much fat as she is pregnant. Plus keeping Ed (our cat) from eating things he shouldn't and throwing them up places he shouldn't, and my free time has been a hot comodity lately. But, today is a new day. Life is sweet again. The joys of engineering without any real responsibility to the public are gone. (i.e. - I have no major projects going out anytime soon.)

For those interested, the above picture constitutes our first major purchase for Goose's room. That would be a sweet little rocking chair that's sole purpose in life is to turn a screamer into a sleeper. This chair will be what I call "phase 1". Should the baby rocker fail to put our child to sleep, I plan on implementing a series of steps/phases that according to my research, will be effective. They are in order of progression:

  1. Try baby rocker again.
  2. Feed him again.
  3. Load him in the car and drive him around.
  4. Beg.
  5. Whiskey.
  6. Bribery.
  7. Stun-Gun him.
  8. Grandparents.

I'm sure the granparents probably hope the rocker (step 1) and the remaining 7 steps fail. And no, (Mr. and Mrs. B), I'm not opposed to driving a screaming kid all the way to Ft. Myers, just to drop him off, turn around and drive back. And yes, Nicole and I promise to give you at least a 5 minute heads up.

But, in all seriousness, the rocker we bought is pretty cool. Nicole did a great job picking it out. We (Nicole) got to choose the fabric. It does need some breaking in, but once we get that taken care of, it is going to be really comfortable. And apparently that is what is most important. Well... probably that and that it's going to be scotch-guarded.

The other big news happening this week is that Goose has really started to move around. Now that I'm an old hat at feeling him move, I've been taking part a lot lately. Holy Cow is he active. Nicole is convinced he doesn't sleep, and in turn, doesn't sleep herself. So she's tired all the time because of Goose, who apparently just lives to kick her stomach these days. Here's a quick little side story for those of you that care.

  • I guess Nicole's new resting place for her hand is now her newly formed baby belly. So she rests her hand on there a lot lately. Mostly because she says she likes feeling Goose move, but also because it's so handy. So while she's working the other day (Thursday), she's resting her hand on her stomach like normal. Only this time she feels Goose start his attempt at kicking her hand off of her own belly. For those of you that know Nicole, we all know that she can be a little stubborn. So she originally thought she would comply with Goose's demands and move her hand, but then she thought... "No, 1. my hand was here first. and 2. it's my stomach. I'm not moving it." So I guess Goose must have had a similar thought process, and so he continues to kick her hand. And so they continue to "fight" for a few minutes until Nicole realizes that Goose is settling in for the long haul. So she completely caves and moves her hand. Goose wins. Quite unbelievable really. Especially considering that the first battle between parent and child should always be won by the parent. So I'm pretty sure this isn't a good thing. Now we are already going to have to retrain him. Rule number one will now have to be that kicking is not acceptable. To be fair though, Nicole did later try spin the happenings as her just liking to feel him kick, but I believe it was as she originally described. It was a battle between them and she lost. Goose 1, Nicole 0.

So to wrap up... my sister said it best the other weekend... we've created a little community with this blog. I'm glad everyone has a place and a desire to check in on Nicole, me and baby Goose. People I would never have thought would read this blog have found it (what's up Summer and Lisa). So Nicole and I are very glad everybody is involved. Later, when Goose finds himself grounded and bored and without anything better to do other than to read this blog and all the comments, he's going to feel very blessed. Well... let's put it this way... he'll feel blessed or we will make him feel blessed!


1literatimommy said...

Love the chair. It is so fashionable. (a perfect target for the various projectiles babies can hurl)

Goose's Baby Mama said...

Seriously though...i thought sleeplessness didnt start until the baby actually gets here???? How come nobody tells you these things? Stupid conspiracy.

1literatimommy said...

I always slept better with a pillow under my belly, it seemed to reduce the weeble-wobble factor. and, as for insomnia, i've heard that ice cream and night line, cnn or any mtv show work well for that.

astromack33 said...

CBB...where is the big Dallas Cowboys star in the middle of that chair? It is the perfect design for it...tell me you can't see it.

queenbquiltco said...

All of ya'll that know Nicole know that she is fierce. Always has been. I get great pleasure in knowing that Goose is already winning battles.

There are other things that one can rest on one's belly (depending on whether said belly is sitting or standing) That's where Tay liked to set his beer when Cheryl was pregant. A plate of spaghetti or a bowl of soup. It's always better if you actually know the person who is setting things there. A book can be rested there. In any situation I firmly believe that it's important that the setter (Cody) asks before setting.

Love the chair. That just screams Granny Bishop. It's not by chance that you picked my favorite color. You know, you two don't have to play this cute game. I've got nothing else to do with my time but move in with you for the first year or so of Goose's life. And tell you how to raise that baby, and lay on your couch when you have friends over. Drink your beer. Watch ice skating when the Cowboys are on. Watch Grey's Anatomy when the Mavericks are in the house. Tape my favorite shows over Goose's first steps. Constantly tell you how I did things. Offer advice on everything, especially on things that I know nothing about. Talk disrespectively about you at church. You know, all the normal things.

Cody said...

HA! The posts are great!

Don't worry Mike... if the chips fall right, we will be cutting a hole in the roof of Goose's room, to match Texas Stadium.

Mrs. B - watching "other" programming while my teams are playing won't be any different than what we have now. And talking bad about us at church would actually be a step in the right direction. We don't currently talk to people at church. Long story short... c'mon out. Goose and I will both need somebody to cry to when A&M loses. Nicole won't be having it.

A girl with a lot on her mind... said...

Its adorable when Goose "wins" now. Wait till he is like, 15. And he wants to pierce his nose, cut a mohawk and stay out all night. Those will be the days.... HA!!! I cant wait.