May 28, 2007

Some Like it Hot

First sign that my boy is a Texan... Nicole apparently can eat anything spicy without batting an eye. Maybe that's not necessarily old school Texan, but I think it is becoming a Texan thing. My favorite food is Mexican food, and I generally like my food spicy, but I can't necessarily eat everything hot. I definitely have my limits. Nicole used to be the same way, so I'm not sure exactly where Goose is getting it, or who's family this is coming from, but it is awesome nonetheless. In a weird way it makes me proud of Goose already. Kind of like how weirdly proud I envision myself being when he eats twice his body weight at one setting, or unloads in his diaper something awful for the first time. A strange type of proud, but still proud.

I would also like to take the time to inform everybody that my spray painting fiasco is over, for now anyway. 32 bottles of blue spray paint later, and the furniture is all set. Just saying "32 bottles of spray paint" does not do the whole thing justice. No, there was some drama in there. Here's what actually happened. Around spray can number 28, Nicole and I both agreed that we were done. Not because I gave up, no no, because I had finished the suckers. The blue looked marvelous, I was happy. Then I had a thought... maybe I should put one of those clear top coats on as insurance against Goose sucking all the blue off the rails. It sounded good in my head. I was being a protective father. I'd prefer him to not be the kid that ate paint chips as a kid. So we went out and bought ourselves 4 cans, and I sprayed it on... knowing full well that it would be cloudy in the beginning. Then, after 3 days hoping it would go clear, praying that it would go clear, and asking why this was happening to me... yeah... it was still cloudy. What the! So, long story short, we then had to sand off the clear coat and I picked it up where I left off... spraying more cans of blue paint. I think it was around spray can number 30 when the whole insanity thing popped into my head. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different outcome each time. I must have gone slightly insane because I seriously thought every can after 18 was my last one, only to find out that not much had changed from the previous can. What an experience. Live and learn I guess. Spray painting furniture always takes 3 times longer than you originally think, and it always takes 20 times longer than your significant other thinks.

Also, given the extra day to our weekend, we set out and successfully completed painting Goose's new room. And we installed moulding... and placed the furniture in there. Given the happenings in the previous paragraph, I know what you are thinking. I was thinking the same thing. I'm done already? 2 days to paint and install moulding... and no problems? It was craziness. I was more productive than I have been, probably ever. The only thing left to finish now in the room is Nicole's finishing touches. I updated the slide show on the side bar to show the progression. And for what it's worth, when we bought this house, every single room looked like the "before" picture. Who paints every room in the house a creamy yellow? What were the people before us thinking?

On the Goose front, he's still wreaking havoc in there. He's turned into a little bit of a billy goat. When Nicole lays on her side, he always has to be on top side. Then when he's up there, it looks like he's trying to fight his way out. Last night it looked like he tried to kick his way out. Nicole laid down and he started to get rowdy, like he usually does. So we stopped to watch the show and he did not disappoint. He stuck his foot (or one of his limbs) way out. It stuck out at least an inch or 2. It looked so crazy. It looks like he's very determined to get out. He may be the first baby to ever perform his own cesarean. Good times.


queenbquiltco said...

You sure are getting fancy with your blog, with the photos fading in and out.

Enjoy your free time now, Sweeties.

debrabain said...

I'm so proud of Goose - he going to be really exciting when he gets here - unless he's worn himself out & needs a couple of months to rest!!! Somehow I doubt he will rest only eat!!!!!!!