August 8, 2007

Hair Raising

Yes, this is a picture of my son's "bed head". He probably has the worst case of cow-licks I've ever seen. Well... next to his dad's. Unfortunately for Max, that unruly hair is an heirloom. My hair grows in all directions in the back and is unnecessarily frizzy... just like Nicole's. He really had no chance. Poor little guy. Here's to some girl thinking it is endearing.

So a lot of time has passed since the last update. Last Thursday was his 1 month doctor appointment and he gained a whole pound in 2 weeks. He's now up to 8 pounds 13 ounces. Length wise, well some how the doctor's office still measures him at 21.5 inches, but I've seen how they measure angry kicking babies... they kind of "eyeball" it. They may say 21.5, but we all know he's a little longer. Nicole can't even feed him without putting a pillow beside her to catch his feet. So 21.5 shmenty-one-point-five.

Even if you don't consider the changes in size, he's still changing so much and so fast. He's starting to smile now... at Nicole mostly. I get a smile every now and then, but most of the time I get the angry face. He's starting to flail his arms and legs around a lot and his gaining control of his hands. He's starting to grasp things. In fact, I was trying to console him the other day by carrying him around... long story short, if his grip were any stronger, he would have given me a purple-nurple. There really isn't many feelings in the world better than the relief you get when you realize you are about to get hurt and then you escape. In this case, about the time I felt his hands go from flailing around my chest to zeroing in on the nurple, shock hit me, then the relief came when we found out that he isn't strong enough to deliver the full purple-nurple. Not many feelings better in the world. And he still continues to be the noisiest baby ever, even when not crying. All the grunting and smacking for no reason. All the farting and burping. It is the funniest thing ever. Sometimes the noises he makes, and the magnitude with which he makes them, sometimes I laugh so hard that I get all teary eyed. It's kind of rare for me, but there are a few things in life that really get to me, and this happens to be one of them. Who knew? Just talking about it now makes me laugh. We are really lucky he's a boy.

Oh, and yes... now let's bring the mood down a little. Let's talk about his "tummy times". Our pediatrician has prescribed 15 minutes per day of tummy time. For those unaware of what this is I will briefly describe. Since Maddox stays on his back most of the time to help prevent SIDS, he allegedly needs some help developing his back muscles and his neck muscles. So, tummy time basically means you put him on the ground on his stomach with his arms in front of him, to kind of force him to use his back muscles. So we've tried it and let me just say that there is nobody in this house that likes it. Nobody. We have yet to make it the full 15 minutes. We actually only make it about 10... with breaks. It's not that we don't believe in tummy time so much as not believing in baby abuse, which is basically what it is. He doesn't understand, he screams and yells and cries and whimpers and looks at you like, "Why are you betraying me? Why are you doing this to me? Et tu papa?" Oh man is it hard. To date, it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Not sure where we stand on keeping this torture going... hopefully it doesn't last much longer.

Other parenting news... we (Nicole) have started pumping the "good stuff" (i.e. breast milk) to bottle up and give Max later. What an interesting stage of life this is. It's one of those ideas that sounds great on paper, then when you actually get down to doing it... maybe not. Nah, Nicole and I both agree it is a good idea, it's just so odd and uncomfortable for everybody involved. There's really not a lot you can do except for joke about it. For instance, here's our latest running joke: Nicole's pump is one that has to be plugged into the wall. She wants to sit on the couch, so we need an extension chord. Naturally, the only one I could find was the big orange one that is typically used for lawn equipment. So whatever... we hook it up to the pump and as I go to plug this orange chord into the wall in our living room, I think (honestly), does she need a surge protector for this? Then it's like, really? Did I just think that? It's an honest question. (Surge protectors are the things that keep your tv's and computer's from frying when lightning hits the house and shoots too much electricity through the lines.) What would happen if she didn't have one and a storm blew through and lightning hit the house. Would it blow Nicole's boob off? Funny or not, we've been laughing at this for the past week or so.


debrabain said...

Hopefully long hair will be back in style in a few years & you won't have to worry about it.

1literatimommy said...

Hilarious about the surge protector! And, I think pumping sucks. it makes you feel more like a milk producing animal than anything in the world, until Nicole gets an extra hour of sleep thanks to the pump. Then, it was all worth it!
Glad that baby is doing great. And, tummy time does suck.

queenbquiltco said...

When Nicole was younger, I worked at a dairy here in NFM. We never milked during an electrical storm because of the very issues you brought up, plus most of the cows were soaking wet from standing in 3 feet of water.

Anyways, Cody, your Pappy-in-Law and I happened to read this at 5am the morning after you posted it and we laughed so hard we cried. Really. I mean, who has electric lawn equipment?

Love you,

Granny You