March 10, 2008


Okay, so my new goal, in an effort to keep everybody up to date, is shorter posts, in half the time. Sounds good in theory, but then again, a lot of things sound good in "theory". Like flossing regularly or attending the opera or working out. All sound great, but also, all of them, without a true commitment, end with a "What the hell? What was I thinking?". So, I'll give it a run and test my commitment. But should I stumble, well, don't judge me.

What's new with baby? What isn't new with baby. He throws fits over pink duckies. Yes, a pink duckie, just last week, it caused him to throw the biggest fit of his life. Nicole took it away so we could wash under is chin, because he keeps some collectors items in there that need to be periodically washed out. Lint, paper, food, glitter, you name it, it's in there. So we have to wash it. But to wash it, you have to expose it. Which means he has got to look up before you can really get in there. This is usually done by holding something above his head and making high pitched squealing noises or acting interested in whatever you've got dangling above his head. Well, this time, Nicole just snatched his bath-time pink duckie. Maddox: "Oh, no you didn't!!" He hit the roof. Straightened his legs out and arched his back with no care of harming himself. He was dead set on letting us have it. He was pissed! Great times. I wished I had it on video for everybody.

I've also just about resigned myself to the fact that he isn't going to be a crawler so much as a scooter. He likes to sit on his butt and scoot a little now. I've tried to get him in the crawling position, but he doesn't really like to bend his knees. It's either straight or not at all. Plus you get to see more if your head is up. So why bother? He's got a point, I guess. I don't crawl anywhere anymore, partly because of that reason right there.

Also, last week we took a trip to Florida's sunny southwest coast to visit the grandparents. (Grammy Shazammy Bishop and The Grandmaster (non-KKK-related) Bish, aka Nicole's mom and dad. That isn't really what he calls them. Just a dream I have). He really loves them though. Likes to bite his grandad's foot and loves the games his grandma plays with him. But, to stay on topic, it was Maddox's first plane ride. And holy moly did he have a blast. We read the rules and made sure he was sucking on his pacifier during take-off and landing. Everything in between was cake. He liked seeing all the people and really liked smiling at them. He's such a ham. Nothing draws in the attention of old people like Maddox's big ole gummy grin. It's like moth to a flame. And I think he knows it. They are just too weak to resist him.

Okay, for those interested, here's the quick like/dislike list:

  1. Splashing dad in the tub.
  2. Big pieces of paper. (loves them)
  3. Mom's hair in his face.
  4. Morroccas
  5. Big red buckets
  6. A quick weiner grab at diaper changings.


  1. Green beans.
  2. The time right before bed-time.
  3. People trying to make him crawl.
  4. Having a piece of paper, working hard enough to bite a piece of it off, having dad take it away and eventually take all the paper away.
  5. The trip from arms to car seat.


NicoleBain77 said...

I wish we had pictures of him throwing up the green 4 times.

I got to thinking about it though...and i dont really like green beans least not fresh or frozen ones. Canned beans ar ok. I think he might come by this dislike honestly.

debrabain said...

Great blog - Max is soo cute - I can't believe you taught him to pucker! Nicole that's awesome!

1literatimommy said...

So sweet: I am glad the plane ride was easy.

queenbquiltco said...

Time for grammy shazammy and the codeman to throw down.

try this one on for size: got jack home from the hospital and i guarantee that my baby is bigger than your baby. but other than jack crying all the time and max smiling all the time, they seem to have many things in common. jack can't move fast enough to bite my face and he is also a scooter, not a crawler or a walker.

as far as the green beans go, he's half sourthern so when you can add some bacon to those beans he'll tear them up!

love you.