March 29, 2008

Swiss Max

For those that haven't already heard, Nicole, Maddox and myself took a little break from life the last week or so, and we went to the mountains to go skiing. Baby Maddox got to enjoy the finer luxuries of a mountain side daycare while we got to enjoy the finer luxury of repeatedly falling face first while trying to snowboard. It was a great time. Max was his normal happy self and the break from work and Dallas was much needed, and if you ask me, much deserved.

The trip, like all trips Nicole and I take, wasn't completely without incident though. While waiting to share a rental car with my cousin Dale and his wife Kasie, Maddox decided the Denver International Airport was the best place to puke buckets. Sure it was 20 or 30 degrees outside. Sure his change of clothes were packed deep under mounds of clothes (rookie mistake). Sure his dad was parked in a place that he knew he shouldn't be. But c'mon... it was the perfect time and place. So good for Maddox. Sure, we had to scramble a bit, but it was no big deal. Sure, the rest of the road trip came complete with a hint of puke smell, but not so overbearing that you couldn't stand it. Just one of those scents thats there one minute and gone the next. Kind of like a pee diaper or a baby fart. It carries just the hint that the baby may need a change, but not nearly as overbearing as the truely dirty diaper. So, in a weird way it was kind of fun. Plus, in a weird way, I was kind of proud because a lot of stuff came out of my boy. Looking back I think he might have been packing it in a little too much. Maddox's next life lesson will need to be portion control.

This past weekend we also took a jaunt down to Granbury for the family Easter gathering. It was fun to see everybody and I'm glad Maddox had such an eventful first Easter. You'll just have to see the pictures to see all the happenings. With all the family and all the bright colored baby chicks, it was too much fun. Plus, Maddox managed to get a real baby chick in his mouth, with his mother hovering over him. Maddox 1, Nicole 0.

So, here's a quick update to Maddox's likes and dislikes, for those that care:

Likes (in no particular order):
  1. Puerto Rican Maracas (always).
  2. Snow Falling.
  3. Feeling the cold on his face.
  4. Using his 2 bottom teeth to bite his momma's face.
  5. Using his 2 bottom teeth to bite everything else.
  6. Sleeping in his mom and dad's bed.
  7. Tulips.
  8. Banging his toys together.
  9. African American Womens.
  10. Mangos and Pears.
  11. Drinking water from a big boy glass.


  1. Sleep (his nemesis).
  2. Hunger or even the thought of hunger (his other long term nemesis).
  3. Bedtime.
  4. Waking up in his own bed when we know how much he likes our bed.
  5. Sweet Peas.
  6. Ramming his head into his toy castle.
  7. Having mom and dad sweep his mouth for paper he just bit off when nobody was looking and had accidently choked on, a little..
  8. Being stuck in a car seat with his mom and dad sitting in full view of him.


debrabain said...

Great post - Max sure is a great baby to be so comfortable doing different things!

bettysue said...

I think it's awesome that Max is such a well rounded munchkin at his age!! You're so lucky! I mean that, he could be like Sean was!!

Nicole B said...

Boy was he giving you the business last night! Definitely not a fan of sleeping in his own bed!

Great blog baby!