September 29, 2008

Max 100

Hey everybody! Well, it's been a little while between posts... and what do you know. MADDOX IS WALKING!!! WTF? I miss some posts because of work/life/whatever and in the mean time, my son finds it convenient to start walking. Him and I will need to discuss this once he can formulate words a little better. Our talks are currently a little one-sided. He doesn't speak much English and I don't speak much man-baby. We'll work it out though.

So, yes, he is walking. You have to coax him a little sometimes. Sure, you have to downright hold him above the ground enough so that he can't physically crawl, and has no choice but to walk, but he does do it. He also makes all the turns, and can even turn around and go in the complete opposite direction. A couple of observations from watching not only Max walk, but watching a lot of kids his age walk:

  1. The walks are really much more of a march, with the way they stomp their feet.
  2. All babies walk a little top heavy, and with the appearance of drunkeness.
  3. Every baby is just as surprised they are walking as you are.

So other than walking, baby Maddox also suffered his first bloody nose 2 Sundays ago. He's got this hippo piano (don't we all) with ears that stick up on the back. He was standing, leaning over with his hands down on the ears... sure 'nough... the whole piano flipped over backwards and baby face planted onto the floor. And by face plant, I mean still on his feet with his face buried in the floor. He wasn't so much hurt as he was pissed! He was real mad! And, after some consoling, while pushing around another toy, we noticed some blood coming from his nose. Poor little tough guy. He took it like a champ though.

Something I've noticed in the blogs around the family is something called a bucket list, which is a list of things you want to accomplish in your life. I know Maddox would want to get involved, so here's some of his "Pre-Toddler" 100 things to do. We may not make it to 100, actually, I feel pretty confident we won't make it to 25, but here's a start.

0 - 10:

  1. Keep choking hazards in mouth for longer periods of time.
  2. Graham crackers and Vanilla wafers for lunch and dinner.
  3. Keep convenience of diaper without losing play time to change said diaper.
  4. Replace dada with another mama.
  5. Be completely independent by this time next week.
  6. Feel as good as when you wake up from a nap, without actually taking a nap.
  7. Make snow angels in the ivy garden in our driveway.
  8. Eat all dinners from "food" found on the floor.
  9. Learn to communicate by just pointing.
  10. Become pen-pals with either the Cookie Monster or Elmo.

That's all for now everybody. I'll try to get some video of Maddox's march. I also will try to capture a little something we call "The Billy Goat". I won't say anything other than that... just keep an eye out for it. Love you guys.


Kat said...

Thanks for the update - pretty sure Max has Nicole's genes when it comes to boo-boos. If its a long way from your heart, keep playin! I had a sudden flashback to walking into our dorm room and seeing nicole with a bandage around her face and head LOL

bettysue said...

I've heard about the billy goat and am just dying to see it!! Please, please!
I like Max's list, he needs to start publishing! said...

The billy goat HAS TO BE PUBLISHED AND SENT IN TO AFV!!!!! I'm sure you on right on with the top 10 list - please add more!!!

1literatimommy said...

funny list! that boy is a sweetie. I think 11 could be have excellent halloween party with Jack and molly