November 2, 2008

A Grizzly Halloween

From Grizzly Halloween

Wow, what happened to October? Holy moly. It felt like I had been falling down on the job lately, but apparently that is an understatement. Sorry guys. I'll try and make it up with some pictures and videos like usual. It's my equivalent to flowers for the bad husband. If you are left thinking "But, he loves me" at the end of this, then mission accomplished.

On to pork chop... He is learning more tricks by the day. In the past week he's learned to moo like a cow, trumpet/squeal like an elephant and that the "Beep, beep" noise means he needs to take his dump truck backwards. And the latest spin on this is that now while walking, he will actually start to walk backwards when you make the noise, before slamming it into drive and speed walking till he falls down. All of these things, obviously, require Max to quote - "feel like it" before it gets done. Kids these days.

Halloween was a blast. We travelled to Keller to trick-or-treat with the cousins, Jack and Molly. Jack was Optimus Prime from the Transformers and Molly was Gabriella from High School Musical. Max went as a grizzly bear. It was a great time. Surprisingly, even though Max is only 15 months, he really caught on to the whole, "here's my bucket, give me candy" idea. So much so that towards the end, he didn't really even show his bucket to the people so much as just grab for their candy. For the last few houses, he even started taking off his costume. The paws and hat went overboard. He was really awesome. The people were so awe-inspired by his cuteness as a bear cub that when we shamefully apologized for his big paws grabbing more than one piece of candy, one lady said "Oh no, he can have as much as he wants!!" Then, when finished rummaging through their candy and dispensing of his fake feelings for them, he would hustle back to the wagon we pulled him in and he'd point to the next house for us to go. It was a great Halloween.

So, without further a-do... here's a quick list of likes and dis-likes followed by some pictures of Max at the State Fair of Texas (petting zoo), Halloween and him wearing his bear feet tonight.

  1. Bread. All kinds.
  2. Nana and Papa, equally.
  3. Momma.
  4. Trucks and cars. All kinds.
  5. Leaf blowers.
  6. Making his feet dance.
  7. Wearing bear feet in the days after Halloween.
  8. M&M's (chocolate only).
  9. Slides and trampolines, equally.
  10. Falling asleep to his dada singing "My little buttercup" from the 3 Amigos.
  11. Making tight turns while walking. (Both to the left and right.)
  12. Fruit.
  13. Sitting down on steps... after backing up to them.


  1. Never-ending presidential election coverage.
  2. Sleeping, still his long time nemesis.
  3. Chicken or any kind of protein.
  4. Shots.
  5. Not having his mom rock him to sleep.
  6. Holding hands with parents while walking.
  7. Not being allowed to walk off the curb and into the street.
  8. Not being allowed to walk while holding a screw driver.
  9. Diaper changes.
  10. Vegetables.
  11. Sitting in a shopping cart, rather than standing.
  12. Unexpectedly hard falls.

Here's the slide show:


queenbquiltco said...

Way too cute!

Thank you, Cody!

1literatimommy said...

We LOVEd having you guys and celebrating with max the bone/biscuit loving bear. we love your fam. sooo much! said...

As usual - your blogs are worth the wait - but....must we wait soooo long? What a great halloween!

bettysue said...

Just the blessing of parenthood in it's truest form! Love those babies!