May 15, 2009

No Hands Required

Well, I've taken the liberty, now that I've had a 1 day break from work and it's spurs, to invest some time in the blog world and related family updates. I don't know where to begin with Max. Since I fell off the wagon a few months ago, he's pretty much turned into a different child. But I'll try:

The first thing you need to know about Max is that I think he must be developing the athletic prowess that comes from ceither the Bishop/Drake genes, or from my father's genes. His calf muscles are really crazy. Kind of a weird source of pride for me, but they are surprisingly muscular. His daddy did eventually develop some calf muscles, but not until well after puberty. This kid has got them now and it really makes smile. Is it weird to point them out to other people? "Hey, Max... come here and show them your calf muscles!". haha... sorry bud... but you are headed down through the turbulent road toward embarrassment. But for real... if he would slow down for half a second, I would snap a picture, but he's too fast!

Another thing you need to know about pork chop is that his eyes are ridiculously good. He can spot airplanes high in the sky that take Nicole and I a few seconds to locate. And by the time we find them, and say, "Oh yeah, that is a plane", he's already done his airplane sound and is on to better things. He does graciously repeat after us when we say "Good eyes"... he says, "EYESSSS!". He's also quite keen at spotting buses, fire trucks, DART trains and alarms in houses and businesses. He is really enamored with alarms for some reason. He sees them, says "ARM" and then proceeds to make the alarm noises. Perfect example of bad parenting... tonight, I was showing Max that the glass break detector can pick up clapping noises. Then, obviously got carried away clapping (like any normal person would), and wouldn't you know that I set the whole house alarm off. The blaring siren caught me way off guard, because who knew my clapping could actually do that. So naturally, I'm stunned and freaked out, and so the first thing I thought of was to "MAKE IT STOP". So I ran into the kitchen to turn it off before I realized that I left Max right where he was. So, the alarm is off before I realize this, and start coming back for my boy, now realizing that in his eyes, it looked like I was getting the hell out of there and leaving him... what an idiot I am!!! Sorry bud. Dad pretty much goes off of instincts, and his instincts are not so hot sometimes. Naturally, Max came to me running and scared... then after a minute or 2, he wanted to clap at the alarm more. He's an animal.

Oh man... look at this post already. Let me drop a few of the likes and dislikes on you before I set the scene for the newest movie/video installment.

  1. Alarms
  2. Fire trucks
  3. His drum (good call Nicole)
  4. Blackberries, Blueberries
  5. Fish (as in gold fish crackers)
  6. Hippos
  7. His new car bed
  8. Tickling other people
  9. Climbing on rock climbing walls
  10. Kicking
  11. Dogs


  1. Bed time (his long time nemesis)
  2. Pasta
  3. Dada appearing to run away when s*** hits the fan
  4. Other undisciplined kids messing with his most favorite possessions
  5. Mom or dad brushing his teeth against his will
  6. Mom or dad doing anything against his will, really

So here's the video set up. Max likes to kick things now. He's really getting good at kicking soccer balls and other miscellaneous items. Miscellaneous items include cars, walls and doors. Max has always been good at shutting doors around the house, but shutting it with his hands is apparently getting old, as you will see in the video. Enjoy everybody. Love you.

4 comments: said...

Would you please open every cabinet door in the kitchen and video him closing them all....please1

queenbquiltco said...

good idea, nana. and, i'd like to see him in a revolving door as well. max rocks.

bettysue said...

I hadn't noticed his toes, does he have "tator diggin' toes too?? That's inherited! Way to go Max!

converse en france said...

so I have really enjoyed it. For instance, Max is learning his numbers. The biggest number he knows right now is 9. So discussions with him go like this lately